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Featured on Buzzfeed's Top Kid-Approved Toys

 From Buzzfeed:
A Stomp Rocket launcher because they'll have such a *blast* as they jump on the launchpad, countdown to liftoff, and watch the rockets shoot up to 200 feet high into the air.

Promising review: "6-year-old nephew's favorite Xmas gift! You know a gift is great when you give it to a child and they ignore all of their other gifts and play with only the one. That's what happened when I gave the Ultra Stomp Rocket to my 6-year-old nephew. He and his friends played with it nonstop all day the first day, and they are still playing with it a week later. You'd think a bunch of 6-year-old boys would have managed to break a plastic toy that they jump on, but so far it has managed to stand up to their rough use. The toy is very safe, too. The soft ends on the rockets mean that no one gets hurt should one accidentally fly into the crowd of kids. Apparently this toy is popular, too. The neighborhood kids in my own cul-de-sac own one as well. They're out in the court playing with the Ultra Stomp Rocket for hours at a time, nearly every day before school starts back up again." —dmwalker

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